• Ready to go back to school?! Have an awesome school year and start your fall off with these fun Broadway tunes!

     Stage Manager Fox

    See you at the first Drama Club meeting of the year - after school on MONDAY October 9 2:30-3:00 and then for ARGONAUTICA auditions TUESDAY night October 10 at 6!


    Start your school year off with a smile, GETTING TO KNOW YOU from the King and I can help you remember all the beautiful and new things we can learn about each other!


    Get ready to be your best self this year at school! Let the cast of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown provide some inspiration for your BOOK REPORTs!



    Don't forget about the basics! Some times you need to start at the very beginning. The cast of The Sound of Music will remind you how to sing your DO RE MIs!



    Need help with your college personal essay? Take advice from Elle Woods and go after WHAT YOU WANT like she does in Legally Blonde!



     It could be worse...your teach could be Miss. Trunchbull! Don't be REVOLTING CHILDREN like the cast of Matilda!


    Use your resources wisely! You may need to make A TRIP TO THE LIBRARY with the cast of She Loves Me. You never know who you might meet!



    When in doubt, use your best studying habits. A MAGIC FOOT may come in handy in a spelling test like it does at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!



    It's totally cool to be a TEACHER'S PET. Just let the cast of School of Rock school you. 



    Push past your limits...never feel like you have to stick to the STATUS QUO like the cast of High School Musical.


    In fact, remember you're ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.



    Every day can be awesome. SEIZE THE DAY like the cast of Newsies!


    Be a part of something amazing this school year! Join us at our first Drama Club meeting Wednesday after school to talk about CHARLOTTE's WEB, our SPRING MUSICAL, a possible trip to Rochester Broadway Theatre League, and other fun ideas! Bring a friend! New members are always welcome!