Sensory Friendly Performance Flyer

    What is Sensory Friendly Theatre? And who is this performance for?

    "Sensory friendly performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that is welcoming to all families with children with autism or with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities." 

    What will this look like at Newark High School?
    • House lights (the overhead lights in the auditorium) will not be completely dark, they will be dimmed.
    • Any loud sound cues will be removed for this performance.
    • The doors to the lobby will be left open.
    • Audience members may leave their seats but we ask that children be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • Children and audience members are free to talk or vocalize (this is a "shush free" performance!).
    • Audience members are welcome to move about the auditorium, stand, sit etc. as needed throughout the performance.
    • The pit area of the auditorium will be available to provide more access for wheelchairs.
    • Additional ushers will be on hand to assist as needed.
    • An area wil be set up in the lobby with seating areas for breaks.
    • Fidget stress balls will be available at the greeting table for anyone who would like one.
    • Audience members will have an opportunity to meet the cast in their costumes on stage after the performance.

    This sounds awesome! What other information do I need to know?

    • The performance begins at 2:00pm
    • The auditorium will be open at 1:30pm
    • Tickets can be picked up at the greeting table in the high school foyer/auditorium lobby starting at 1:15PM. This is a free event. (tickets are just needed so we can have an audience head count!)
    • Charlotte's Web will run approximately 80 minutes with a 15 intermission about halfway through the performance.
    • A concession stand will be open during intermission and will feature drinks and snacks ($1 per item)

    Our version of a Social Story Resource was developed by one of our students, Megan Cauwels. Please check it out here! It is available as a powerpoint presentation and a PDF.

    Two of our students, Megan Cauwels and Madison Chandler, wrote a short summary of the story of Charlotte's Web. It is available as a PDF click here.

    This sounds great, but I have a need that may not be met. Can you help? 
    • We want to make this performance as accessible as possible. Please contact Emily Howard 315-857-3265 or emilyRhoward@gmail.com with your question or concern!
    Want more info about sensory friendly theatre and how other arts organizations are making theatre accessible to everyone? Click on the links below.

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