Basic Digital Photography Rules & Expectations


    Art students will be expected to be responsible, respectful, trustworthy and safe in the art studio.

    Successful, productive and creative students...


    are prepared and on time to class

    -be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings; backpacks under tables

                -check your class calendar/board for due dates and upcoming assignments

                -have your art materials ready to use when the bell rings; ALWAYShave a #2 pencil

                -trips to your locker, the bathroom, etc. must be done BEFOREclass

                -have a pass if you are late

    participate and put forth good effort on a daily basis in class

                -work each day on the daily art objective; not, other school work

                -approach each assignment with a positive attitude

                -remain in seats until the bell rings

                -make up any missed class time after school due to absences

                -check class absent folder for missed work or notes 

                -contribute quality responses in class and during critiques

                -ask questions when you need help

    are respectful and refrain from disruption

    -no use of cell phones, iPods or other electronic devices during class**

    -never touch another person’s art work, still life, or materials for another class

                -choose language appropriate to a classroom/studio situation; No Swearing or Vulgarity

                -leave others working in the studio alone

                -never throw anything in the room or hit anyone

                -limit movement in the studio to purposeful ends

                -no food or drink allowed in the studio

    use the art room and all art equipment in a safe, purposeful, and productive way;cooperate

                -be ready to work when the bell rings

                -stop all activities to listen when asked

                -work purposefully within the structure of a studio situation

    turn in completed work and projects on the assigned due dates

                -late homework will not be accepted*

                -late projects will be penalized 10 points for each class session not turned in

                -if absent on a work or project due date, they are due the day the student returns *

    take quizzes and testswhen they are scheduled

                -student must inform teacher of special testing mods

                -if absent the day of a test, students are expected to make every effort to take it the day                    they return or as soon thereafter as possible

    stay after school when they are assigned detention; reasons for detention may include:

                -tardiness/truancy                                             -work not done

                -disruptive behavior                                           -a failing average



    Basic Digital Photo

    Mrs. Bailey



    1. Student will know and converse about digital photography using correct vocabulary and specific terms as well as identifying specific applications and procedure.


    1. Student will be able to explain and express through his/her art work the understanding of the elements of art-
    2. line                b.  shape                        c. form              d.  color
    3. valuef.  space                         g. texture


    1. Student will be able to explain and express through his/her art work the understanding of the principles of design-
    2. balance     b. unity             c. movement                d. proportion            e. pattern                    f. emphasis              g. contrast          h. harmony                  i. variety                 


    1. Student will be able to explain and express through his/her art work the understanding of digital photography-
    2. color
    3. black and white (monochrome)


    1. Student will study and compose subject matter effectively according to the principles of design, elements of art, and the styles of art-
    2. portraiture b. landscape c. architecture                d. still life                     e. action photography    f. candid photography   g. indoor photography      h. fine art photography
    3. high dynamic photography


    1. Student will be skilled in various camera modes and their uses to create a variety of projects.


    1. Students will be skilled in basic techniques in lighting, composition and editing to create a variety of projects.


    1. Students will be skilled in basic digital photography applications and techniques using the appropriate equipment to create a variety of projects-
    2. flash modes            b. ISO settings               c. white balance
    3. drive modes (single shooting, continuous, timer)e. lens focal length (zoom of lens)
    4. exposure compensation (light meter) g. focusing options
    5. depth of field (depth of focus) i. pixels, mega pixels, DPI, PPI


    1. Student will be able to work with electronic media as well as traditional artistic materials to create visual ideas.


    1. Student will learn how different techniques, applications and equipment will create a different effect, emotion, and quality to his/her projects and sketchbooks.


    1. Student will employ a variety of methods, large and small, flat and three-dimensional to display visual ideas.


    1. Student will be able to work safely and effectively using a variety of mediums, tools, and procedures in the studio setting.


    1. Student will analyze styles of art, interpretation of subject matter, and cultural characteristics by looking at artworks from around the world and throughout history


    1. Student will prepare a portfolio of finished works done throughout the year for evaluation along with a folder of handouts, terms, procedures, and sketches.



                            Daily Class Participation-                   20%

                            Sketchbook, Notes and Quizzes-        20%

                            CompletedProjects and Tests-           60%


    Class participation is graded daily and extends over each 10-weekmarking period.  Students start with 100 points and lose points when choosing not to participate on a daily basis.


    Grades close at each 5-weekmarking period. Before that time, students will be kept informed of their progress and reminded of assignments not handed in. Any work that has not been completed and turned in will be recorded in my grade book as a ZERO.



    Calculating Final Grades-

                1stQuarter-                  40%

                2ndQuarter-                 40%

                Final Exam-                20%

    Student will prepare a final project and a portfolio of finished works done throughout the year for final evaluation.




                CompletedProjects will be evaluated on:

    1. Application of Objective
    2. Critical Thinking/Presentation
    3. Craftsmanship
    4. Work Ethic

    *Late Projects will be penalized 10 points for each class session it is late.

    *If you are absent on a due date, your project is due the day you return.

    *If you are absent on a quiz or test date, you will take the test or quiz upon your return.



    Art Materials Needed Daily-

    1. #2 pencil and white art eraser
    2. 2 pocket folder with note paper
    3. USB flash drive 8GB or higher* if so desired for backup


    More materials may be needed over the course of the class depending on the assignment.

    Students are responsible for any materials signed out or used throughout the school year.



    As young adults, I believe in making the student responsible for his or her art education. He or she makes of it what he or she puts into it.  I don’t believe I need to list the rules for proper conduct in a classroom; I assume my students have the common sense to know what appropriate, acceptable behavior is as well as what recourse I have if that expectation is not met.



    Equipment and Policy Agreement

         Student Name______________________________


    I, _______________________________being the parent/guardian of the above-named student artist, understand and accept the following:


    Please initial next to each statement.


    ______I grant permission to check out photography equipment to use during school as well as after school hours.


    ______Equipment must be returned in the same condition it was in when checked out.  The student will present when equipment is inspected prior to be released to them. With this understanding, I accept full responsibility for the replacement and/or repair of any equipment that might be damaged, lost, or stolen.


    ______I understand that a fair estimate for any repairs will be given by an authorized camera repair and/or dealership and these repairs will be paid by the student or family.


    ______It is the responsibility of the student to return to the instructor the equipment that is signed out after school hours the following day or the first day after the weekend or holiday. The equipment is not to be left at home, in a car or locker, but is to be returned to the appointed place prior to the student’s first class.  If the student does not return to school, for whatever reason, it still needs to be returned on time.


    ______The photography equipment is not to be used by anyone other than the student who checked it out. I accept full responsibility of damage done to the equipment regardless of who did it.


    ______The Camera/Equipment Checkout Form must be used for each piece of equipment borrowed, and must be signed by the person taking responsibility for the equipment in front of the instructor.


    ______All camera neck/wrist straps must be used at all times to prevent dropping the equipment. Never carry a camera without the neck/wrist strap around your neck/wrist. This is a common mistake that results in costly repairs.


    ______Cell phones, head phones, electronic devices, etc. and hats will not be allowed in class. This includes in the classroom or outside, when shooting.


    ______Students are to avoid shooting photos in or near other classrooms as not to disrupt the teaching and learning of others.  This includes study halls as well. As photographers, you will follow the photographic code to not disturb your surroundings…to blend in.


    ______Students are not to take pictures of students or staff without the permission of each person being photographed. The exception to this rule may be student athletes playing a sport or students in a drama production.


    ______Students are not permitted to leave the school campus during class time to shoot photos.


    ______Food and beverages are not permitted in the classroom at any time.


    ______Class lab time is expected to be spent working on assignments.  Students will not be allowed to defer shooting or editing photos until a later time.


    ______Class assignments and calendar will be posted in the art room and on teacher website for the student to stay current and to plan accordingly to meet progress checks, critiques, and deadlines.


    Failure to comply with any of the following will result in immediate revocation of equipment usage rights.

    Please sign and return after reading through the packet with your parent/student.

    No student will be allowed to use or sign out any equipment until this agreement is signed and returned.


    September 2018


    We have read this agreement and fully understand all course expectations and equipment policies for Mrs. Bailey’s class.  It is my (student’s) responsibility to adhere to these expectations. If at any time we have a question, we understand that we can contact her at the high school for a conference. This signed slip and the previous page is due on Friday, September 7th.


    _____________ (date) ______________________________ art student


    _____________ (date) ______________________________ parent or guardian


    _____________ (date) ______________________________ Mrs. Bailey

                                           Art teacher