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      Cast, Crew, and Orchestra
    Performance Dates 
    March 4, 5, 6, 2016!
    Audition Information 
    AUDITIONS NOVEMBER 30 3:00-5:00pm OR DECEMBER 1 6:00-8:00pm
    CALLBACKS* DECEMBER 2 6:00-7:00
    *We may not feel the need to have callbacks but are reserving this date just in case. 
    MANDATORY CAST/CREW/PARENT Meeting Tuesday December 8 6:00-6:45pm followed by Cast/Crew Read Through 7:00-9:00pm 
    Audition Material
    Audition Scenes-choose ONE of these four scenes to prepare with a partner!
    Audition Music-check the music hallway! 
    Rehearsal Schedule 
    If you check out the calendar now you can get an idea of what the schedule will look like. For the first few weeks not everyone will be called every night. However, once we are 3-4 weeks out from opening expect to be at rehearsal every evening.  Please clear schedule for the final two weeks-work, other commitments, etc. We WILL rehearse over February break. We understand families have already made plans, please be sure to indicate that as a conflict on the audition form. 
    Make sure you are signed up for Drama Club Remind messages so you can get the latest information. A new Remind will be set up specifically for cast and crew. Information will be distributed at the meeting on December 8. 

    About the Show 

    Musical retelling of the fairy tale-Princess and the Pea (with a twist!)

    An overbearing Queen won’t allow anyone in the kingdom to marry until her son, Prince Dauntless, finds a suitable wife. Sir Harry and Lady Larken discover Larken is expecting, so time is of the essence. Sir Harry finds Princess Winnifred-your atypical princess who charms the Prince and the kingdom with her quirky personality. The Queen puts Winnifred through several tests to quash the match. Ultimately ending with the pea under several layers of mattresses.

    Features additional supporting characters-the Queen’s husband the King (silent-since he is under a curse), a dancing jester, a traveling singing Minstrel, the Queen’s trusted confidante the Wizard, and a whole kingdom of knights and ladies.

    Character Descriptions (in order of appearance)
    Minstrel: singing narrator opens the show, may be male or female. Has an air of confidence. [Many Moons Ago/On a Stormy Night/The Minstrel, the Jester, and I/Normandy]
    Wizard: the Queen's loyal assistant. Is always attempting magic tricks [Sensitivity]
    Queen Aggravain: the overbearing mother, very protective of her son. Bossy-played for comedic effect. [Sensitivity/Quiet]
    Prince Dauntless: child-like, naive, yet likeable. [An Opening for a Princess/The Swamps of Home/Song of Love/Man to Man Talk]
    King Sextimus the Silent: always has his eyes on the ladies, is mute due to a curse, but very expressive through facial expressions and physical comedy [The Minstrel, the Jester, and I/Normandy/Man to Man Talk]
    Jester: has a passion for his job, full of energy, loyal [The Minstrel, the Jester, and I/Normandy/Very Soft Shoes]
    Lady Larken: your more stereotypical "lady" type, graceful, lovely [An Opening for a Princess/In a Little While/Normandy/Yesterday I Loved You]
    Sir Harry: A manly brave knight (who's also a little full of himself!) [In a Little While/Yesterday I Loved You]
    Princess Winnifred: not your average princess, she prefers the swamps of home to a fancy castle, adventurous, independent [Shy/The Swamps of Home/Song of Love/Happily Ever After]
    Ladies-in-Waiting/Knights: everyone in the kingdom! They are anxious to see Dauntless marry (so they may also marry!). [Opening for a Princess/Shy/Swamps of Home (women only)/Spanish Panic (all-dance number!)/Song of Love/Quiet/Finale]
    Additional featured roles
    -Princess #12: a handful of lines as she is being "tested" in the first scene
    -Nightingale of Smarkand: a solo song for a soprano to put Winnifred to sleep
    Named Knights/Ladies with a few lines 
    -Sir Studley
    -Sir Luce 
    -Lady Rowena
    -Lady Merrill
    -Lady Lucille 
    -Lady Mabelle 
    -Lady Beatrice