• Our area is rich with opportunities to attend and perform in the theatre! If your actor or technician is looking for something extra to do in the "off season" or looking for training opportunities, please take a look at the list provided below.
    There are many, many, many community and educational theatre groups in the area. I have not personally worked with all that I listed below...and this is in no way a totally inclusive list of all possible opportunities! I listed the ones below because they are either specifically for high school students, or had a summer offering. Each community theatre group or educational program comes with its own set of unique traits (and quirks!). If you have questions about opportunities or programs please ask! There are lots of performing and educational opportunities offered throughout the year that are not listed here. Please contact me with any questions and I will point you in the right direction! emilyRhoward@gmail.com or (315) 857-3265 :)
    TRAINING (Dance, Music, Acting)
    SUMMER Opportunities Listed Below 
    CAMPS/WORKSHOPS (cost to attend and many end with a fully produced show)
    • RBTL's Summer Stars Performing arts day camp in Rochester held at the Auditorium Theatre. Taught by Broadway professionals. Ends in a revue style performance. http://www.rbtl.org/summer-stars/
    • Curtain Call  Performing arts day camp located in Lyons. Curtain Call offers group instruction in acting/singing/dancing/stage craft and runs for a three weeks in July. Culminates in a revue style performance based on theme for summer.  http://www.lyonscurtaincall.com/ 
    • Pittsford School District Summer Enrichment  Month long program with production attached at the end. It is open to out of district students but there may be a wait list. More information here: https://www.pittsfordschools.org/domain/1275
    • Spotlight Theatre (Fairport) produces and offers classes throughout the year and specifically in the summer. Offering production/workshops (another pay to perform opportunity)  and a reader's theatre production. info here: http://spotlightarts.com/
    • Studio Z (Palmyra) produces pay to perform shows plus offers classes and masterlcass workshops throughout the year. Info here: https://www.studiozconservatory.org/


    COMMUNITY THEATRE PRODUCTIONS AUDITIONS (no cost involved to audition/be in the cast-this is not a complete list-just some of the groups closer to Newark)

    **There is a group on facebook that you can join to receive information about many local theatre group's auditions. It is called Audition Hotline - Greater Rochester Area. 


    • Gates Hall (Pultneyville):