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If you decide to use one of the listed fundraisers, please let us know so we can remove it from available status. Thanks! Becky and Chris
Attention Booster Groups: Salvatore's will supply large 8 or 10 slice cheese or cheese & pepperoni pizzas for you function for $8. Contact Jay @ 331-5555
We would like to add our business to your list of vendors for fundraising.  We would come to your school gym with specially made roller skates of all sizes.  Family Fun Night parties are an option as well as after/during school. appropriate music, give instruction,and run fun, organized    Be-Mar has been in business for over 50 years.
Susan Connelly
Be-Mar Associates Inc.
Charlie's BBQ  879-1169  C. Wren
BBQ's, Dinners, Parties

Fundraise with Coffee, Cookies and/or Fudge (includes frappe, cocoa, chai, smoothies,brownies & funnel cakes too) Get started
today  877-342-2332 ext 3 Earn $500-5000. Try Java Joe's Fundraising. We're unique! Read our testimonials.
Yankee Candle, Cherrydale, Otis Spunkmeyer,Superfan Sports & more
It's Not Too Late! (to Fundraise with Flowers)

The fall flower bulb fundraising season is successfully underway.

With an order deadline more than a week away, October 26th,

You can still run a quick and profitable 'online only' campaign.


If your class, team, club, or organization can use extra funds
this year, how about a "Healthy" alternative fundraiser?  
Thousands of groups have met and exceeded their financial needs
while making the community more beautiful.  Our program is very

Features include Premium Holland flower bulbs, 50% profit,"Home
Delivery", No Minimum order, and NO CHARGE for sales materials.