NCS Fundraising Guidelines


    1. Advisor, Head Coach or Booster representative               

     identifies fundraising event.


    2. Consult district fundraising calendar.


    3. Contact vendor.


    4. Verify dates, vendor, type, etc and send link, flyer, dates, etc to rebecca.hauf@newarkcsd.org  to place on calendar and fundraising website.


    5. Athletic fundraisers should be within the season timeframe (roughly within the 3-4 month season) or with special permission out of season.


    6. Academic, PTA, Class, etc fundraisers should be limited  to 3 per year.


    7. Send a list of vendors, past and present, to    rebecca.hauf@newarkcsd.org and chris.corey@newarkcsd.org  . A file will be compiled listing successful and unsuccessful fundraisers that will be available upon request.