• Makeup
    The Drama Club does provide makeup, but most actors prefer to bring and use their own, as sharing especially eye makeup, is not ideal.This show requires the following looks:
    • Everyone (men and women) will need a foundation and/or powder close to their natural skin tone to even out color on face and neck and to prevent shine. Men will need black pencil eyeliner for one single line on the bottom lash line. 
    • All women may wear shades of brown eye shadow (matte, not glittery), black eyeliner on bottom and top lash lines, and mascara (or false lashes if you want to). For Act 2 eyeshadow and eye liner will be pumped up! Wendi has the list of acceptable colors and will help you figure out what works best!
    • Women lipstick for Act 1 (Ask Wendi!), for Act 2 (ask Wendi!) 
    If you need help putting on makeup, just ask! :) 
    • Men need to have hair pulled away from face and secured in whatever fashion required for their Act 1 headpiece. For Act 2, all hair will be hidden under the headpieces.
    • Women in Act 1-please start with your hair in pin curls and wig caps to avoid running out of time during intermission 
    • Women in Act 2-wigs
    • For anyone wearing a wig please check out these instructional videos. Wig caps will be provided for you. Black bobby pins for all wigs will be provided for you. HOWEVER-YOU MUST BRING IN YOUR OWN BOBBY PINS FOR SECURING YOUR HAIR UNDER WIG CAP: