• Updated 3/2/2014 @ 2:45pm 
    Sorry for the delay!
    • As Steve stated, very little makeup is needed for this show. Everyone (men and women) will need a foundation and/or powder close to their natural skin tone to even out color on face and neck and to prevent shine. Men will need black pencil eyeliner for one single line on the bottom lash line. 
    • All women may wear shades of brown eye shadow (matte, not glittery), black eyeliner on bottom and top lash lines, and mascara (no false lashes necessary).
    • Poor women may want to use a neutral lipstick shade (not red, or bright pink) 
    • UGC women may use blush, a "corporate appropriate" lipstick shade (not red, or bright pink)
    • All "Poor" will have deliberate dirt marks (not many).
    • Some individuals may need a bit of aging makeup or something specialized. That will be discussed in person on Monday (ask Steve)
    • Every person must go directly to Steve to have him approve their makeup on Monday.  
    The Drama Club does provide makeup, but most actors prefer to bring and use their own, as sharing especially eye makeup, is not ideal.
    If you need help putting on makeup, just ask! :) 
    • Men in UGC-look sharp!
    • Women in UGC-french twists, low neat buns, hair pulled up and back looking professional (for Run Freedom Run, we'll get you hats/scarves)
    • Cop Ensemble-low neat bun, or tucked up in hats
    • Hope-away from your face (and sides of face) you can do curls, have it down, etc. Just get it okay'ed by Steve
    • Penny-I think we talked about messy bun, up, away from face with the tied bandana like you did on Saturday 
    • Josephine-some kind of bun maybe not as messy as the Poor, let's talk in person!
    • Little Sally-two ponytails 
    • Poor women-all hair away from face and sides of face, choose from messy updos, messy buns, half up and slightly teased, messy teased ponytail, etc. We can talk in person. :)
    • Poor men-messy hair (we'll have some gel for you!)