Tuesday December 16, 2014
    (please note that Tuesday's auditions will end at 5:00pm. If we were not able to see you on Tuesday then we will start with those people on Wednesday after the dance call)
    Wednesday December 17, 2014
    Meet in the high school auditorium starting at 2:30PM.
    To be eligible to participate in the musical you must be a Newark High School student in good academic standing. All participating cast, crew, and orchestra will need to have a signed copy of the extracurricular rules on file with the school. More information can be found here by clicking this link.
    If you have any questions about your eligibility please speak to Mrs. Bendix prior to auditions.
    Auditions will begin promptly at 3:00PM with a brief introduction followed by a short dance call. All auditioning actors will be expected to participate. After the dance call, actors will be brought in two or three at a time. Individuals will hand in their completed audition form (forms available in the music hallway soon and available as a PDF below!!!), have their photo taken, sing their selected audition piece (see selections in the music hallway and attached below!). You may be asked to do something on the spot. This just means that we would like to hear you do something else. Try your best and show us what you can do!
    A rehearsal schedule has not been set. We may be able work around sports schedules (IF AND ONLY IF you have talked with your coach in advance of auditioning). Rehearsal schedules will be given out with more than two weeks' notice. Work is not an acceptable excuse. Your commitment to the musical is needed from January through the first week or March. Please come with a complete list of conflicts for those dates-both afternoon and evening times. This should include any family traveling plans for February break.
    If you are interested in being a part of the crew (this includes running the sound, lighting board, moving sets backstage, etc.) please stop in to speak to the director on one of the afternoons of auditions. We would love to have you join the musical team!