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    Newark participates in two separate recognition programs designed to acknowledge the work of performing arts programs in local schools: the Wayne County Elenbes and the RBTL Stars of Tomorrow.
    The Rochester Broadway Theatre League Stars of Tomorrow awards program began in 1999. (see link here: http://www.rbtl.org/stars-of-tomorrow
    It has evolved greatly over the years into what is now a recognition ceremony giving all the participating schools an opportunity to perform on the Auditorium Theatre's stage! Adjudicators attend Rochester area high school musicals and offer their critiques. The "SOT" schools are grouped into four divisions by school size. Judges representing various areas of the production-music, acting, dance, production, and an overall division leader, attend the show and submit reports back to the participating schools. At the ceremony each school has the opportunity to perform a short scene/song from the production throughout the ceremony. (We'll discuss details with cast later). There is an opening and closing production number that features student representatives from all the participating schools. Most years the cast and crew will take a bus up to Rochester for the ceremony. There is a cost per ticket to attend this event (usually under $15 per ticket). Details will be communicated to the cast and parents in the spring.
    If we are able to perform, there will be a rehearsal in Rochester before the ceremony. 
    The Elenbe awards are sponsored by the Wayne County Council for the Arts and Lyons National Bank--L.N.B. get it?! :) https://www.wayne-arts.com/elenbe-awards.html The Elenbes started in 1997 and the Newark school district had a hand in its' organization. As such, we remain the "host school" and the annual awards ceremony is held in our auditorium. While the process has changed slightly over the years, adding new categories, separating plays from musicals, etc., the basic idea remains the same. Volunteer judges (usually around a dozen) from around the county attend the school plays and musicals to evaluate productions. In May all of the participating schools gather together for the awards ceremony. Parents are welcome to attend this free event. Each school has the opportunity to perform a short scene/song from one of their productions. While the performances are entertaining the live audience, the at-home audience is watching pre-taped interviews with the production's directors and student representatives on our local TV channel. Then it's time for the live awards ceremony. Newark students have traditionally changed into "dress up" clothes after their performance. Don Alhart has served as the Emcee every year (except one!) and it isn't the same if we don't hear stories about him being his high school's production of Brigadoon. There are several other traditions-the one clap rule when nominees' names are announced, for example. The ceremony is broadcast live so it feels like our very own Wayne County Tony awards.

    Obviously, an exciting part of these programs are the awards and recognition but we also want our students to participate in these performing opportunities and to see all of the great talent in the Rochester area! It is always such a treat to see the other schools' performances. Emotions can run high at these ceremonies. Newark has a proud tradition of professionalism from our students actors. It's also important to remember that the recognition is simply the opinion of a few people. We are all proud of our program and productions and hope that it always is a positive experience for all involved...and that's what really counts! If you have questions about either program please feel free to ask any member of the production team.
    Stars of Tomorrow Recognition (musical productions only)
    (More info coming soon-if you have updates please send to emilyRhoward@gmail.com) 

    2018 Nice Work If You Can Get It  

    Dance Ensemble
    Supporting Actor Jaston Brooks as "Cookie McGee"
    Supporting Actress Natalie Acquista as "Jeannie Muldoon"
    Supporting Actress Lindsay Whiting as "Eileen Evergreen"
    Director's Recognition to Kayla and Amanda Williams for Stage Management
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Kayla and Amada Williams for Stage Managements
    Special Recognition to our program for 20 years of participation ($1000 check!)
    *Opening Number Participants* Madison Chandler, Carson Jordan, Isabella Bailey, Benjamin Cepulo, Deborah Szarek, Medina VanDuyne
    2017 The Addams Family
    Production Crew
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Cody Acquista as "Pugsley"
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Mara Cornwell as "Grandma"
    Director's Tip of the Hat to Cheyenne Lane for Stage Management
    Director's Tip of the Hat to Adam DeRue for Lighting Design
    Future Star of Tomorrow to Cody Acquista as "Pugsley" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Shelby Cramer, Carson Jordan, Mara Cornwell, Megan Cauwels, Madison Chandler
    *LIVE moring show participants* Jacob Lindberg, Emily Partridge

    2016 Once Upon a Mattress

    Production Crew
    Supporting Actor Joey Malach as "Minstrel" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Makalah Crawford, Cash Meyers
    *LIVE moring show participants* Makalah Crawford, Sami Cepulo
    Acting Ensemble
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Grant Howard as "Reuben"
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Omar Rogers as "Judah"
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Liam Kellog as "Benjamin"
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Hunter O'Campo as "Simeon"
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Sami Cepulo as "Mrs. Potiphar" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Shea Matz, Sam Wersinger 
    *LIVE moring show participants* Grant Howard, Kaitlin Lyman
    Overall Musical Production
    Acting Ensemble
    Singing Ensemble
    Production Crew
    Lead Actress Shea Matz as "Hope Cladwell" *Participant in NYC Bound Competition*
    Supporting Actress Kathryn Brinkman as "Little Sally" 
    Supporting Actress Ryan Tracy as "Officer Lockstock"
    Director's Special Recognition to Jenna Taylor for her work in orchestra
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Grant Howard as "Officer Barrel"
    *Opening Number Participants* Katie Brinkman, Spencer Edmonds 
    *LIVE moring show participants* Liz Kline
    Overall Musical Production  
    Dance Ensemble
    Acting Ensemble
    Production Crew
    Student Orchestra 
    Lead Actor Ryan Tracy as "Man in Chair" *Participant in NYC Bound Competition*
    Supporting Actress Kathryn Brinkman as "Mrs. Tottendale" 
    Supporting Actress Marina Ruffalo as "Kitty" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Ashley Farley, Curtis Mason 
    Overall Musical Production 
    Acting Ensemble  
    Production Crew
    Singing Ensemble 
    Lead Actor John Connors as "Fred Graham/Petruchio"  *Participant in NYC Bound Competition*
    Supporting Actress Olivia Howard as "Lois Lane/Bianca" 
    Director's Special recognition to Jennifer Orlopp for Stage Management
    Adjudicator's Tip of the Hat to Matt Fedczuk and Mike Fedczuk as "Gangster 1" and "Gangster 2"
    *Opening Number Participants* Olivia Howard, John Conners 
    *LIVE moring show participants* Olivia Howard, John Conners
    2011 Fame
    *Opening Number Participants* Kate Clemons, Seth Case
    2010 Curtains
    Overall Musical Production
    Acting Ensemble
    Lead Actress Mallary Walton as "Carmen Bernstein" *Participant in NYC Bound Competition*
    Supporting Actress Kaleigh Fremouw as "Nikki Harris"
    Director's Special recognition to Juliana Everdyke for Stage Management
    *Opening Number Participants* Mallary Walton, Doug Butler 
    2009 Oklahoma!
    *Opening Number Participants* Kaleigh DeJohn, Jacob Kline
    2008 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Overall Musical Production
    Production Crew 
    Singing Ensemble 
    Lead Actor Scooter Rosenthal as "Pseudolus" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Claire Walton, Scooter Rosenthal 
    2007 Children of Eden
    Acting Ensemble 
    Singing Ensemble
    Dance Ensemble 
    Supporting Actress Claire Walton as "Yonah/Snake" 
    Supporting Actor Timothy R. Crawford II as "Cain/Japheth"
    Featured Ensemble "Snake"
    Future Star of Tomorrow Grant Howard as "Young Abel"
    Future Star of Tomorrow Michael Fedczuk as "Young Cain" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Susannah Hallagan, Mark Chamberlain
    2006 Pippin
    Overall Musical Production 
    Singing Ensemble
    Dance Ensemble
    Production Crew 
    Lead Actress Aubrey Bendix as "Leading Player"
    Lead Actor Jacob Mattison as "Pippin"
    Supporting Actress Susannah Hallagan as "Fastrada" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Aubrey Bendix, Jacob Mattison
    2005 Anything Goes
    Supporting Actress Susannah Hallagan as "Erma"
    Supporting Actress Kara Butterfield as "Hope" 
    *Opening Number Participants*  
    2004 Cinderella
    Scholarship winner Kristina Smith (college-bound senior excelling in performing arts)
    Supporting Actresses Kristina Smith and Mindy Martin as "Step Sisters"  
    *Opening Number Participants* 
    2003 Peter Pan
    Production Crew 
    Lead Actress Kristina Smith as "Peter Pan"
    Supporting Actress Kailee Bialaszewski as "Tiger Lily" 
    *Opening Number Participants*  
    2002 Sound of Music
    Lead Actress Sarah Chilson as "Maria Rainer" 
    Singing Ensemble 
    *Opening Number Participants* Sarah Chilson, Justin Kraham
    2001 Oliver!
    Supporting Actor Elliot Iocco as "The Artful Dodger" 
    Featured Ensemble "Street Sellers": Kristina Smith (Rose Seller), Amy Wakeman (Milkmaid), Mindy Martin (Strawberry Seller), _________ (Knife Seller) 
    *Opening Number Participants* 
    2000 Fiddler on the Roof
    Poster Design Andrew Sloane
    *Opening Number Participants*  
    1999 Guys and Dolls
    Supporting Actress Emily Howard as "Miss. Adelaide"
    Featured Actress Gretchen Snedeker as "General Cartwright" 
    *Opening Number Participants* Emily Howard, Elliot Iocco
    Elenbe Recognition
    (musical and drama recognition-drama category started in 2000)
    Best Production Drama - Charlotte's Web
    Best Actress in a Drama - Anisha Stallworth (as Charlotte in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Actor in a Drama (Runner Up) - Benjamin Cepulo (as Wilbur in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Supporting Actor in a Drama - Ashton Keene (as Gander in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (Runner Up) - Ryan Hermenet (as Avery Arable in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Supporting Actress in a Drama - Megan Cauwels (as Edith Zuckerman in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (Runner Up) - Kelsie Bushart (as Templeton in Charlotte's Web)
    Best Supporting Actress in a Musical - Megan Cauwels (as Duchess Estonia Dulworth in Nice Work If You Can Get It)
    Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - Jaston Brooks (as Cookie McGee in Nice Work If You Can Get It)
    Best Playbill Drama - Ryan Hermenet
    Best Poster Design Drama - Olivia Bailey
    Best Poster Design Musical - Olivia Bailey
    Best Production Musical - The Addams Family
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up) - Anatomy of Gray
    Best Actor in a Drama - Ian Mac Taggart (as Dr. Galen P. Gray in Anatomy of Gray)
    Best Actor in a Musical (Runner Up) - Joe Goodman (as Gomez in The Addams Family)
    Best Actress in a Drama (Runner Up) - Shelby Cramer (as June Muldoon in Anatomy of Gray)
    Best Supporting Actor in a Drama - Joe Goodman (as Pastor Wingfield in Anatomy of Gray)
    Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (Runner Up) - Jacob Lindberg (as Crutch Collins in Anatomy of Gray)
    Featured Actress in a Musical - Mara Cornwell (as Grandma in The Addams Family) 
    Featured Actor in a Musical - Cody Acquista (as Pugsley in The Addams Family) 
    Best Poster Design Drama - Shelby Cramer 
    Best Production Drama - The Craving 
    Best Production Musical (Runner Up) - Once Upon a Mattress
    Best Actor Drama - Joe Goodman (as Terry in The Craving)
    Best Actress Musical (Runner Up) - Makalah Crawford (as Princess Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical (Runner Up) - Sami Cepulo (as Queen Aggravain in Once Upon a Mattress)
    Best Poster Design Musical - Shelby Cramer
    Best Playbill Musical 
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up) - Almost, Maine
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up) - Ian MacTaggart (in Almost, Maine)
    Best Actress Drama (Runner Up) - McKenna Martin (in Almost, Maine)
    Best Supporting Actor Musical (Runner Up) - Talon O'Campo (as Pharaoh/Jacob in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
    Best Supporting Actor Drama - Corey Gardner (in Almost, Maine)
    Best Supporting Actor Drama (Runner Up) - Joe Goodman (in Almost, Maine)
    Featured Actor in a Musical - Liam Kellogg (as Benjamin in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
    Best Poster Design - Shelby Cramer (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)    
    Best Production Drama - The Laramie Project
    Best Actress Drama - Katie Brinkman (in The Laramie Project 
    Best Actor Drama - Ryan Tracy (in The Laramie Project)
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up) - Spencer Edmonds (in The Laramie Project)
    Best Production Musical (Runner Up)-The Drowsy Chaperone
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-Feiffer's People
    Best Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Ryan Tracy (Man in the Chair in The Drowsy Chaperone) 
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up)-Spencer Edmonds (in Feiffer's People)
    Best Supporting Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Curtis Mason (George in The Drowsy Chaperone) 
    Featured Performer in a Musical-Matthew Fedczuk (Gangster #1 in The Drowsy Chaperone) 
    Best Production Musical (Runner Up)-Kiss Me Kate
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
    Best Actress Musical (Runner Up)-Hannah Rothpearl (Kate/Lilli Vanessi in Kiss Me Kate)
    Best Supporting Actress Drama (Runner Up)-Katie Brinkman (in All I Really Need...Kindergarten)
    Best Actress Drama-Olivia Howard (Nellie Lovelace in Dirty Work at the Crossroad)
    Best Actor Drama-Jack Venoski (Munro Murgatroye in Dirty Work at the Crossroad)
    Best Supporting Actor (Runner Up)-Mike Fedczuk (Jose Vegas in Fame)
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth
    Best Actress Musical (Runner Up)-Mallary Walton (Carmen Bernstein in Curtains)
    Best Actress Drama-Kaleigh Fremouw (Mrs. Reece in The Farndale Avenue...Macbeth)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical (Runner Up)-Olivia Howard (Bambi Bernet in Curtains)
    Best Supporting Actress Drama-Olivia Howard (Minnie in The Farndale Avenue...Macbeth)
    Best Production Musical-Oklahoma!
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-Fools
    Best Production Musical (Runner Up)-A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Forum
    Best Actor Musical-Scooter Rosenthal (Pseudololus in A Funny Thing...Forum)
    Best Actress Drama (Runner Up)-Claire Walton (Didi Snavely in A Tuna Christmas)
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up)-Scooter Rosenthal (Charlene/Stanley Bumiller in A Tuna Christmas)
    Best Orchestra-A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Best Production Musical-Children of Eden
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-Greater Tuna
    Best Actress Musical-Susannah Hallagan (Eve/Mama Noah in Children of Eden)
    Best Actor Musical-Scooter Rosenthal (Father in Children of Eden)
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up)-Chris Martin (Petey Fisk in Greater Tuna)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical-Claire Walton (Yonah/Snake in Children of Eden)
    Best Orchestra-Children of Eden
    Outstanding Support Crew-Children of Eden
    Best Original Poster-Lauren Cole Children of Eden
    Best Production Musical-Pippin
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-Our Town
    Best Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Jake Mattison (Pippin in Pippin)
    Best Actress Drama-Aubrey Bendix (Emily in Our Town)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical-Susannah Hallagan (Fastrada in Pippin)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical-Kristina Smith (Stepsister in Cinderella)
    Best Actress Musical-Kristina Smith (Peter Pan in Peter Pan)
    Best Production Musical (Runner Up)-The Sound of Music
    Best Actress Musical-Sarah Chilson (Maria in The Sound of Music)
    Best Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Evan Franchi (Max in The Sound of Music)
    Best Production Drama (Runner Up)-The Matchmaker
    Best Actress Musical (Runner Up)-Colleen Hallagan (Nancy in Oliver!)
    Best Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Andy Sloane (Fagin in Oliver!)
    Best Actor Drama (Runner Up)-Andy Sloane (in The Matchmaker)
    Best Supporting Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Justin Kraham (Bill Sykes in Oliver!)
    Best Production Drama-A Comedy of Errors
    Best Actress Musical-Gretchen Snedeker (Golde in Fiddler on the Roof)
    Best Actor Musical (Runner Up)-Jason Holder (Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof)
    Best Supporting Actress Musical (Runner Up)-Julie Martin (Grandma Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof)
    Best Actress Musical-Emily Howard (Miss. Adelaide in Guys and Dolls)
    Best Supporting Actor Musical-Andy Sloane (Benny Southstreet in Guys and Dolls)
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    Stars 2017