• Click here to view the Pre-K Math Modules

    Click here to view the Pre-K Math Modules

    There are 5 Modules and a total of 146 lesson plans.
    Each module has:
    1. An “Overview”; available as a PDF file & in Word.
    2. “Lessons”: available only in “Word”.
    3. “Assessments”: available as a PDF file & in Word.
    4. “Family Newsletters”: available as a PDF file & in Word.

    In Pre-Kindergarten, math focuses on two critical areas: (1) developing an understanding of whole numbers using concrete materials, including concepts of correspondence, counting, cardinality, and comparison; (2) describing shapes in their environment. More learning time in Pre-Kindergarten is devoted to developing the concept of number than to other topics.

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  • PreK English Language Arts

    PreK English Language Arts

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  • Pre-K Classic Tales

    Pre-K Classic Tales

    There are 10 amazing stories and additional resources that that help you teach your child the stories. There is a Teacher's Guide, Flip Book, Activity Pages, Image Cards and the Big Book of Classic Tails itself. I highly recommend this!

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  • Pre-K All About Me

    Pre-K All About Me

    If you're interested in doing Pre-K activities with your child, consider using the "All About Me" program. It's very involved program and you might only use parts of it. I've included the links to the Teacher's Guide, a Flip Book, Activity Pages,Image Cards, Transition and Learning Center Cards and Nursery Rhymes and Songs Posters.

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  • NYS Common Core

    NYS Common Core

    These links take you to great educational programs; some are for you to share with your Pre-K child and others are links you'll should be aware of as your child, a member of the Class of 2027, progresses through school. The Pre-K "Classic Tales" and Pre-K "All About Me" are wonderful programs but they take a lot of preparation on the part of the instructor/parent/teacher. The main body of this article reviews 5 Domains: Approaches to learning; 2) Physical Development and Health 3) Social and Emotional Development; 4) Communication, Language, and Literacy 5) Cognition and Knowledge of the World. Your child will need to meet many new educational standards that are mandated by NYS. You'll discover a very important link; it's to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, the office that controls the educational process in NYS.

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