• TIES - Together Including Every Student

    TIES - Together Including Every Student

    The TIES program (Together Including Every Student) is available to students in the Newark School District. TIES matches student volunteers in grades 8-12 with children and young adults ages 8-21 who have developmental disabilities. TIES gives students with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and community activities.

    Volunteers are needed to attend activities such as Scouts, intramurals, after-school clubs, Newark Recreation programs, and swimming lessons with the participants. The volunteers will give needed support to the participant in the activity.

    This is a great opportunity for those interested in psychology, social work, or teaching, or those who simply want to make a positive difference in their community.

    If you know someone who would benefit as a TIES participant or if you would like more information about becoming a volunteer, please visit TIESProgram.org

    TIES Participant Application

    TIES Letter to Families