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    Click here for COVID-19 prompted changes to the Capstone Graduation Requirement

    At-home service ideas during this time of social distancing: (Please follow social distancing guidelines. Complete service only in the household in which you are currently residing)

    • Yard work (raking leaves, picking up branches, gardening, mowing lawn)
    • Organize/clean garage or shed
    • Organize/clean basement or attic
    • Make minor repairs/improvements around house
    • Help with household cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, dish washing / dishwasher, laundry, closet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bedrooms)
    • Cook meals
    • Meal prep for the week
    • Help younger siblings with homework / online learning
    • Plan and carry out activities for younger siblings to keep them entertained while parent/guardian goes to work or works online.

    Other ideas? Let us know! Contact katie.ganter@newarkcsd.org or debora.barry@newarkcsd.org for approval.


    Students - submit your hours using our Online Community Service Form 

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