Dear Parents,


    Once again, I am pleased to inform you that in addition to my teacher website and class boards and calendars, I will be able to communicate with my students and parents on a regular basis with the implementation of Remind (formally Remind101).   By now most of you are familiar with this amazing communication app.  What you might not know is how Remind has roots in Newark.  My former art student and 2013 RIT graduate, Jordan DiSanto, is a designer for Remind at their headquarters in San Francisco.  When Jordan joined Remind in 2013 there were four employees.  Today, it is the #1 app in the country and employs over forty employees.  It is with great pride that I use this educational app knowing he is a  designer.  I continue to be very proud of Jordan.  So, please sign up!


    What is Remind?

     Remind is a service that provides a safe way for teachers to text message or email students and parents. Using Remind, teachers can engage their students and parents more effectively without needing to know their phone number and without having to give their phone number out.



    How does Remind work?

     A teacher adds his/her class, which generates a unique code (see below). Any student or parent who sends a text message with the code will be "subscribed" to the teacher's class. Any time a teacher sends a message from Remind, all the students or parents subscribed will receive it. Here's a link to a fun video designed by former NHS art student designer for Remind Jordan DiSanto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFihhkKqmp4



    How do students or parents sign up?

    Students and parents sign up for notifications by sending a text message with a teacher's class code for the appropriate class:


    AP Studio Art Class Code is @8927-                              You will text @8927 to 81010


    Drawing and Painting 2 Class Code is @861d-                You will text @861d to 81010


    Drawing and Painting 1 Class Code is @a935-                You will text @a935 to 81010


    Mixed Media Class Code is @decd-                                You will text @decd to 81010


    Jewelry and Metals Class Code is @jewelrya-                   You will text @jewelrya to 81010


    Students and parents may also sign up by sending a blank email to the teacher's code (e.g. "your class code"@mail.remind.com ).  The medium they sign up with determines how they will receive notifications. So if a student signs up from her phone, she will receive text messages. Likewise, a parent who emails in will receive messages via email.  Remind is a free service for parents and students, but standard messaging rates apply.                         


    For further information about Remind please visit https://www.remind.com/


    The expectation for my students is that they will continue to write down in their planners due dates and class events posted on their class board and calendar in the art studio. My plan is to use “Remind” to communicate any extra information that occurred during the daily lesson and a few periodic reminders.  As an educator, I believe a student is successful when they learn and take responsibility for his or her education.  This is another way to do so.  If you have any further questions please contact me at renee.bailey@newarkcsd.org.  Please continue to visit my teacher website located on the High School webpage. https://www.newarkcsd.org//Domain/132