• Welcome to the Health and Wellness Page

    Mission Statement:
    It is the mission of Newark's Healthy Schools Team to promote the district and community's life-long health and wellness.
    The following is a list of our current members if you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us:
    High School
    Robyn Monahan
                                                                              Inger Rothpeal
                                                                              Gene Shippers
                                                                               Jeff Williams
                                                                               Mike Celent
    Nicole Reinholtz 
     Middle School
    Robin Newcomber
    Kelley School
    Donna Hamlin
    Becky Battle
    Lincoln School
    Dawn Schwind
    District Office
    Shelly Devolder
    Bus Garage
    Renee Kuperus
    Sheila Dittmar
    Michele Backus