Logging into mySchoolBucks could not be easier!  Usernames and passwords for parents are the same ones from MyNutrikids.com.  Parents that did not previously have an account with MyNutrikids.com will need to register for a new account on mySchoolBucks.com.

    When a parent makes a payment on MySchoolBucks, the payment will be instantly approved and downloaded to your NUTRIKIDS POS Manager within ten minutes; however, it may take a few days for the payment to reach your district’s bank account.  Heartland Payment Systems is now the payment processor, therefore PayPal is no longer available.

    Things to know about mySchoolBucks:

    The convenience fee per transaction will change to $1.95.

    • mySchoolBucks has the following payment methods available for use:
    • Visa®
    • Mastercard®
    • Discover®
    • Electronic Check
    • Parents may fund up to $120 per student, but a family may pay for all of their students on a single transaction.

    Due to legal requirements, we are unable to transfer automatic e-mail notifications. If parents previously setup low balance email alerts in MyNutrikids.com, they will need to set those up on mySchoolBucks.

    The MyKids (MyNutrikids.com) Service Agreement will be replaced with an agreement from Heartland Payment Systems. This agreement covers provisions from each of the credit card brands, as well as various legal requirements.