Every day your child will have homework.  A homework calendar will stay in their take home folder to go back and forth to school.  The calendar will have the homework for the day on it.  Every night, there will be reading and spelling homework as well as possibly math homework.  Your child will write down their homework on the calendar and I will initial it so I know they have it and have written it down.  Please sign the calendar each night so I know that parents saw the homework and that their child completed it.  If homework is done and calendars signed, students will receive a sticker and possibly a small reward at the end of the month. 

    It is very important for students to complete their homework every night.  I will not give homework that is too difficult but will help reinforce the skills they learned during the day.  As students get older, they will be held responsible for the work they complete.  It is my job to teach them the responsibility and help prepare them for third grade.