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    Concentration Assignments


    What is a Concentration:

    *A concentration is a series of works organized around a compelling visual concept in drawing or two-dimensional design.
    *Works are unified by an underlying idea that has visual coherence.
    *Works are based on a variety of assignment options, with choices in any of the following: techniques, medium, style, form, subject,
    and content withteacher consultation.
    In AP Studio Art, a Concentration is 1/3 the AP Studio Art Portfolio requirement. 
    This section of the portfolio overall is typically the hardest for our students.
    Concentration assignments are based on the following basic foundations

    *Create one based on each foundation


    *Expand on one 2-3 different ways then move on


    *Combine  foundations


    *These can be simple yet sophisticated with the right composition, technique and medium

    *Medium choice should be based on your concentration path

    *Size should be standard with a border for matting

    PLAN, PLAN, PLAN…your concentration must have a flow. 

    You always need to be thinking about what the next 2 pieces are going to be.


    • Positive and Negative; value and color organization/positive negative relationship

                2-  Line and Value; pattern/ figure, ground

                            based on a variety of lines and/or line spacing to capture the imagery

    3-  Art History Style; color theory

                based on an art movement(s)

                4-  Artist; color theory

    based on a particular artist/time period

                5-  Radial Abstract; pattern

                            composition set up is based on a radial pattern

    6-  Color Theories; color organization

                -monochromatic                      -complementary           -warm vs. cool

                -intermediate                            -analogous                   -triadic

                7-  Visual Texture; pattern/color organization

                            use of any of the assignments above with a variety of texture patterns

                8-  Applied Texture; pattern/color organization

                use of actual texture with another medium to create values/contrast

                9-  Interior vs. Exterior; color theory/ pattern/ figure, ground

    based on how you are viewing your subject

    based on reverse imagery i.e., what is on the outside put inside

    based on skeletal structure vs. body

                10- Full vs. Cropped View; pattern/ figure, ground

    based on a cropped view (close up) within a full view



    Composition layouts are due for two weeks before the actual due date.

    * Denotes a vacation day/week before the concentration due date, plan accordingly.


    Concentration #1 sketch-                    Tuesday, September 12th

    Concentration #1-                    Tuesday, September 26th 


    Concentration #2 sketch-                    Tuesday, October 17th

    Concentration #2-                    Tuesday, October 31st


    Concentration #3 sketch-                    Tuesday, November 14th

    Concentration #3-                    Tuesday, November 28th*


    Concentration #4 sketch-                    Tuesday, December 5th

    Concentration #4-                    Tuesday, December 19th   


    Concentration #5 sketch-                    Tuesday, January 16th

    Concentration #5-                    Tuesday, January 30th   


    Concentration #6 sketch-                    Tuesday, February 13th

    Concentration #6-                    Tuesday, February 27th*      


    Concentration #7 sketch-                    Tuesday, March 13th

    Concentration #7-                    Tuesday, March 27th    


    Concentration #8 sketch-                    Tuesday, April 10th*

    Concentration #8-                    Tuesday, April 24th   


    Supplemental Concentration class projects will be created throughout the year

    in order to create the required 12 Concentration pieces.


    Late concentrations will not be accepted

    Concentration sketches are due two weeks prior to obtain materials & allow time for quality work.


    As you PLAN and CREATE your concentration remember the Concentration Commentary

                A typed commentary describing what your concentration is and how it evolved must accompany the work in this section.  Responses should be legible, concise, and well written.  The commentary is not graded, but it does help in the evaluation process and you may refer to specific slides. The commentary consists of responses to the following:

    1. What is the central idea of your concentration (500 characters maximum)
    2. How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of  your idea?  When referencing specific images, please indicate the image numbers. (1350 characters maximum)