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  • Welcome Message

    From the Main Office


    Dear Families,


    Welcome to Perkins School! We are proud of our school where we feel that every staff member here strives to make a difference in the lives of children. We have talented adults working with our students comprised of incredible teachers and support staff.  We are ready to support “Every Student, Every Day” both academically and socially to create a culture of learning, paving a path for future success.


    We know that by working collaboratively we will ensure an excellent education for your child. Please remember, your child’s academic success requires teamwork. It is essential that our parents and community members are partners in learning, and we believe it is our job to ensure we are providing the framework and foundation for that relationship. We encourage all parents to become involved in our school. We have a wonderful parent organization, the Perkins School PTA, which supports us and provides fun and educational events for students throughout the year. We also have many opportunities for parents to volunteer at events and in our classrooms.


    We know that each day will bring new experiences for our students that will be positive and engaging. We look forward to working with you and your child to ensure a productive and safe learning environment that learning environment that promotes the highest levels of student success.

    Rhonda               Mr. Herbst

    Rhonda Underhill, Principal        Greg Herbst, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. G       Mrs. Crowder

    Sarah Griepsma, Secretary      Amanda Crowder, Secretary

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  • Please note a change to our daily schedule:
    Full Day PREK, K-2: 8:45-3:30
    AM PREK: 8:45-11:30
    PM PREK: 12:45-3:30

    Please be prepared to show identification upon entering Perkins School.

    Morning Student Drop Off
    Please do not drop students off prior to 8:45 A.M. as we do not have any adult supervision and doors are not open prior to that time.

    Student Drop Off - Parents dropping off students in the morning should use the main entrance (West Side)


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  • Perkins Parent Communication Survey

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    Help Perkins PTA!

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  • Perkins School Values, Mission and Vision



    We believe that with appropriate support and in a nurturing environment, all students can learn.



    Together at Perkins School, we will provide an environment that is safe, positive, fun and engaging that enables our students to thrive in their learning and growth in all areas including academic, social and emotional.



    Perkins School students will show their HEARTS through Hard work, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Safety.

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Behavioral Matrix

  • Behavioral Matrix

    Below is a behavioral matrix that reinforces our expectations of: Be Safe, Be Kind, Follow Directions. We want you to be a partner in helping us make our school a more positive place for our children to learn. To ensure that all parents and children are aware of the school expectations, please review the matrix with your child/children.

    Thank you for being an active partner with us!






    ·   Keep hands and feet to yourself

    ·   Be where you need to be       

    ·   Eyes, ears and brains       on          

    ·   Calm body

    ·    Respect differences

    ·    Kind words and voices

    ·    Be a helper

    ·   Do your job

    ·   Be on task

    ·   Listen to adults in our school


    ·   Stay with your class

    ·   Use walking feet

    ·   Keep hands to yourself

    ·   Don't disrupt learning of others

    ·   Walk on the right side

    ·   Respect the work on the walls

    ·   Voices off

    ·   Eyes toward the leader


    ·   Quietly wait your turn for sinks and stalls

    ·   Keep the bathroom clean


    ·   Flush toilet after using

    ·   Respect others and their privacy in the bathroom

    ·   Tell an adult if there are concerns in the bathroom

    ·   Wash hands with soap and water

    ·   Use bathroom breaks



    ·   Be where you need to be

    ·   Eyes, ears and brains on

    ·   Hands and feet to self

    ·   Use good audience manners


    ·   Be an active listener

    ·   Watch for adult signals

    ·   Make good seating choices


    ·   Keep hands to yourself

    ·   Use inside voices

    ·   Use walking feet

    ·   Use table manners

    ·   Wait your turn in line

    ·   Listen to adults

    ·   Make good seating choices

    ·   Eat your lunch


    ·   Use equipment/toys correctly

    ·   Hands and feet to self

    ·   Eyes, ears and brains on


    ·   Take turns

    ·   Be a problem solver

    ·   Listen to adults

    ·   Listen to your friends

    ·   Play by the rules


    ·   Eyes, ears and brains on

    ·   Hands and feet to self

    ·   Be where you need to be

    ·   Walking feet

    ·   Quiet voices

    ·   Kind words

    ·   Listen to adults

    ·   Toys stay in your backpack


    ·   Keep your body to yourself

    ·   Use quiet voice

    ·   Stay in your seat

    ·   Use kind words

    ·   Help other who need help

    ·   Keep your seat and floor     clean

    ·   Always Listen to the bus driver

    ·   Make good seating choices


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