School District

 Our Mission 
  • Our Mission at Newark Middle School is to create a secure, supportive, and challenging educational environment that fosters the development of all members.
  • We strive to develop intellectually, physically, and socially, to empower all learners to achieve future college and career goals.
  • In order to accomplish this, all members must be adaptable, open to change and willing to make necessary transitions.


  • April Events

    Apr. 1-3 - ELA State Test
    Apr. 4 - 3rd Quarter Ends
    Apr. 7 - 4th Quarter Begins
    Apr. 11 - Lip Sync Assembly
    Apr. 14-18 - Spring Recess,
     No School
    Apr. 24 - Honor Roll Ice Cream
                    Social, 7:00pm
                    Test Break Dance,
    Apr. 25 - Crazy Socks Day
    Apr. 30 - Math State Test
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